Tips for Ultimate Backyard BBQ

Awell-grilled barbecue is a rockstar of any special get-together. Whether you’re celebrating with friends, neighbors, or your family over the weekend, there’s nothing like a delicious BBQ that will make it more exciting. For a truly impressive backyard barbecue, you need the right tools and a great plan for a successful day out in your yard.That's why we've collected some best tips to make sure your grillout is fun, easy and delicious.

Plan the Menu

For every dish and cocktail, make a precise list of ingredients that you need purchase and double-check it before you shop. You don't want to start the party and realize you forgot that one ingredient that you assumed was in the kitchen. Also, whenever possible, try to take guests food allergies into account by providing alternatives, if necessary.

Plan for Outside Refrigeration

Not every grill setup can have an outdoor refrigerator, but it will be much better to have a portable refrigerator for the outdoor camping, it’s a very nice addition, because you do need some way to keep the food fresh and cold. Always refrigerate meats separately from all other foods, and try to reserve a section or cooler for the drinks. SetPower PT series will be a really good choice for that, dual zone and dual temperature control, will be perfect to store the meat and other food separately.

Make Sure The Seats Are Enough

Set up several seating zones around your yard to make sure there is enough room for everyone. While some people will generally prefer to stand, patio seating and outdoor chairs are very important for others. Try to include a table or stand near every seating zone for people to place food and drinks.

Get Rid of Bugs with Repellents

Bugs will come, and you need to be prepared for them. Tiki torches can ward away a few insects and may help deter the wasps. For mosquitos, the only natural solution that has been proven to work is extract of eucalyptus, which you can sometimes find in candle or spray form (you definitely don't want chemicals like deet around your food). It's also helpful to keep the backyard barbecue away from any standing water.

Never Forget the Games

Both adults and kids will need a selection of games to unwind with. Set up yard games like darts, croquette and cornhole, and remember to put out a few board games and decks of cards as well.

Final Thoughts

A BBQ party is perhaps one of the best get-togethers there is, and what makes it more fun is the food that is being shared and prepared. Use the tips mentioned above for a more exciting and memorable bbq party, and remember to have fun grilling!