4 Things to Consider When Buying a Portable Fridge

If you’re on the road or on vacation, a portable refrigerator is a great option for keeping your food and drinks fresh. The market has so many different capacities and styles to choose from, which can be overwhelming. So, which one is best for you? Read on to find out! Below are some things to consider before buying a portable refrigerator. Weigh your options to ensure you end up with a model you love! 

What Access to Power Will You Have? 

A portable refrigerator is an electrical appliance, so you’ll need a power source to make it work. When choosing a fridge, consider the power supplies you can use and whether they are compatible with the refrigerator features you’re planning to purchase. Different types and models of portable refrigerators may use various charging options. Most will operate with AC or DC power. If you can get these types of energy from a vehicle or campsite with shore power, great!

However, if you often travel to places where there is no electricity or your vehicle cannot drive to the campsite, then buying a fridge that can be powered with a power station is the right choice.

Figure Out What Type of Drinks or Food You're Going to Store in The Fridge.

It's easy to choose a fridge based on its style, but don't forget that some models are more suitable than others for particular types of drinks.

Some small capacity fridges are specifically designed to fit cans. They can be as small as 6-can models or much bigger, with multiple shelves. Either way, they're the best choice if you mainly need one for soft drinks or canned beers.

If you're planning on storing wine bottles, look for deeper models that focus on horizontal storage. To cater to different types of wine, you should also settle for a temperature regulating fridge.

Unless you are only using the refrigerator to cool down some beer, if you are storing food such as meat, ice cream, etc., you should buy a model that maintains a temperature of 40°F or below (4.5°C) and a freezer that stays at 0°F (-17.78°C).

Where Is the Fridge Going? 

Will your fridge accompany you on a trip, through a campsite, or on a boat trip? The destination and way of transportation can influence how you prioritize size and portability when making a decisions.

If you plan to take your small fridge on the go, look for options like the SetPower RV45D Pro portable fridge, which comes with a removable handle and wheels. For those who want to carry a fridge on a long journey, the additional portable design makes the trek a breeze.

If your refrigerator is stationary and used to store food and drinks in an off-grid van or RV trip, you may want to opt for a larger capacity refrigerator. You'll be sacrificing the convenience of mobility for more capacity, but you'll be able to store all the items you need daily without having to worry about available space.

Which Features Are You Looking For? 

Do you need dual temperature control? Is having both a freezer and fridge important to you, or do you just need one of them? Some refrigerators support dual temperature and dual zone control, while others only support single temperature control.

As we all know, dual temperature control will be perfect for storing a greater variety of food, like the SetPower TC series refrigerator, which comes with dual zone dual temperature control, so you no longer need to worry about a single temperature not being able to accommodate multiple types of food.

Final Thoughts

These are some significant factors you need to look into before buying a portable refrigerator for yourself. Many outdoor enthusiasts use portable fridges as powerful backups during their journeys. Buying a fridge is a long-term investment, so doing your proper research and evaluating factors is a must. Enjoy the ultimate convenience with a portable solar-powered fridge that's ready to bring the chill wherever you go!