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SetPower Usa

1. Where is Setpower located?

One of the Setpower's Warehouse is located at 4250 Shirley Ave, El Monte, California, 91731, United States.
Setpower's phone number is 1-866-816-6060 (9:00 AM-6:00 PM, PST Mon-Fri)
Setpower's official website is:
Setpower's Amazon store is:

2. What is the Return Policy for Setpower?

If you' re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, send it back within 30 days for a refund. For returns to be processed, products must be in an unused and “as-new” condition as well as in their complete & original packaging. Used, worn or damaged items may result in the denial of a return.

3. What is the error code E1 in Setpower?

The E1 error code means that the low voltage protection is activated, and the input voltage is lower than the default value of recent protection level.

4. How long is the warranty on setpower refrigerators?

Setpower provides 3-Year Warranty on Compressor, 12-Month Warranty on other Parts. 24-Hour After-sales service, no need to worry about quality issues.

5. How long will a 12 Volt Battery run a Refrigerator?

If you're using a 12V 250WH Lithium-ion battery, the fridge will run for about 15 ~ 22 hours.Of course it depends on the temperature you set, and the temperature of the environment

6. Will a 12V fridge drain my battery?

By connecting to a 12v cigarette lighter socket, the fridge will drain power from the car when it is running but as soon as the car is turned off it will continue drawing from, and therefore draining, the starter battery. The great thing about 12v fridges though is that they do not have to be running all the time and tend to hold their temperature better than an soft cooler.Moreover, setpower provides 3 levels of battery protection design, you can set the medium, high and low modes to avoid this situation.

7.How to choose a 12 volt refrigerator?

A portable refrigerator with low power consumption,budget and fast cooling. SetPower is one of the best refrigerator.